Real estate consulting

For a property in full bloom – iproplan® supervises your building throughout the entire life-cycle. This all-around supervision is what permanently ensures value and added value. iproplan®'s real estate consulting offers a wide range of services for commercial, technical, and infrastructural building management. We also provide facility management consulting including management for defect and liability period for all building types.

iproplan® Scope of services in the field of real estate consulting at a glance:

Due Diligence (Technical analysis of property):

  • Assessment of the building condition including building services system
  • Recommendation for reconstruction
  • Quantity survey services according to DIN 276 for proposed reconstruction measures
  • Maintenance concept with analysis of cost effectiveness
  • Real estate appraisal

Sustainability consultancy:

  • Development of planning processes
  • Retrofitting existing buildings to enhance sustainability
  • Consultancy regarding the best achievable certification label and predicate
  • Implementation of certifications (DGNB [German Sustainable Building Council Certification], BNB [Assessment System for Sustainable Building], LEED) with in-house team of auditors

Energy consultancy:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current situation of energy and building services system
  • Design of energy concepts
  • Life cycle costs optimisation and specify the potential saving
  • Cost effectiveness calculation for renovation measures
  • Guidance on incentives

Building engineering physics:

  • Construction verification (thermal insulation, daylight simulation, room acoustic, building thermal simulation)
  • Private appraisal, arbitration and Building appraisal
  • Measurements (thermography, reverberation time, blower-door-test)
  • KfW applications requirements (planning and consultancy) for individual measures or energy-efficient houses according to KfW
  • Execution of seminars

PPP consultancy:

  • Analysis of demand and assessment
  • Economic feasibility study (comparison of the Public Sector Comparator and the PPP implementation variant)
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Preparation of the procurement procedure and monitoring the procurement process
  • Quality control during construction
  • Consultancy during the operation period

Construction Supervision (Quality assurance/Quality controlling/project Management):

  • Review planning and tender documents for compliance with quality standards
  • Ensure that required quality assurance specifications are met
  • Ensuring that projects stay on budget and on schedule
  • Participation and contribution for site inspections and approvals
  • Defect detection and supervision of defect repair process