A very special anniversary

05 February 2021

On 2 January, we celebrated a very special company anniversary, which is probably almost unique in this form:
Günter Thiele, former managing director, has now been with the company for 65 years.

After graduating as a civil engineer, Günter Thiele began working as a structural engineer in 1956 in the company, which was then still known as "Entwurfsbüro für Industriebau Karl-Marx-Stadt".
Günter Thiele's career in the company had a wide variety of stations, including, among others:

  • Project Manager
  • Head of Documentation / Information
  • Head of Department New Technology
  • Head of Department Organisation and Computer Technology
  • Director Technology

In May 1990, Mr. Günter Thiele initially became operations director, until he then became managing director of IPRO Chemnitz Planungsgesellschaft mbH from July of the same year.

At the turn of the year 1999 / 2000, Günter Thiele handed over the company to his son Jörg Thiele at the age of 66. Nevertheless, the company did not have to do without "Mr. Thiele Senior" - he is still with the company today and supports employees with a wealth of experience that is second to none.


Dear Mr Thiele, we thank you for your decades of commitment and the tireless joie de vivre you bring to the company.

In all den Jahren haben Sie im Unternehmen mehr erlebt als jeder andere. Auf all Ihre Erlebnisse in gebührendem Maße einzugehen, würde hier den Rahmen sprengen. Dennoch würden wir Ihnen gern ein paar Fragen stellen:

Last year was not easy for iproplan® either, due to the Corona virus that overshadowed everything. However, the company has come through the global crisis very well so far. We would be interested to know: Have there ever been comparable difficulties that have presented the company with such challenges?

[Günter Thiele] In my opinion, there were no comparable pandemics.
The periods 1990 - 1992, 1996 - 1997 and 2003 - 2004 were extreme crises that threatened the existence of the company.

In 1990/91, the transformation of corporate management, corporate organisation and planning work into the legal foundations, technical requirements and administrative structures of the Federal Republic took place - on the exact date.

The basis for success in these difficult times was above all diligence, adaptability, extreme will and the willingness of the workforce at that time to master the special burdens, impositions and efforts of the transformation process and to ensure the "survival" of the company with their commitment.

During the recessions in the construction industry in 1996/1997 and 2003/2004 with a decline in earnings, the company was able to get through the crisis period with personnel and structural adjustments as well as cost reductions.


For me personally, the totality of events unfolded as follows:

  • Developing a future-proof business in the short term from the 1990 stock and under the turbulence of the unification process
  • Money and finances
  • technical basis of economic activity
  • legal and other regulations
  • social structure
  • redeveloping remuneration structures and work content
  • Procurement of orders / securing employment
  • and more

The burden of personal responsibility for the workforce and the success of the company was
probably unique - as hopefully is the current pandemic.


You have held a wide variety of positions and tasks here at the company. Was there anything you particularly enjoyed and remembered?

[Günter Thiele] With regard to the "fun" I mentioned, I can say:
I have always enjoyed working and being happy about the successes. This has accompanied me throughout my professional life, regardless of which of the different functions I have worked in.

"Particularly remembered" is understandably my work in 1990/91 and the associated psychological strain of having to make decisions that threatened the personal livelihoods of employees. (Dismissals, requests for qualification, work circumstances).

However, I also remember the atmosphere, the cohesion and the mutual appreciation over the entire period of my work in management positions.
The "corporate climate" I experienced under the most diverse circumstances and the trust placed in me.


What do you think the future holds for the company?

[Günter Thiele] The social and economic system of the Federal Republic will not change fundamentally. The known deficiencies must be accompanied by entrepreneurial measures in such a way that the workforce can use the circumstances for economic success.

In my opinion, the structures and the position of the "planning" service in the construction industry will change in the short to medium term.

The drivers of this development are:

  • EU requirements and restrictions that limit the "freedom to provide services" should be eliminated in the Federal Republic in the short term.
  • The digitalisation of planning processes, construction processes and the real estate industry is forcing structural change and a shift in responsibility for all related activities.
  • The "independence of planning and building" as a sacred principle of the professional associations in Germany prevents a BIM-compatible design and digitalisation of construction. New forms of cooperation must be found here. This is a current requirement for iproplan.
  • Pricing in the planning market increasingly requires a reliable cost calculation in the bidding phase, based on the detailed scope of services offered and the expected time required for the staff employed. As is already common practice internationally and in other services.

Thank you very much!



Shown in the pictures: Günter Thiele, together with the Managing Directors Jörg Thiele and Kai Zumpe