The road to success leads over the construction site

Professional construction supervision for structural engineering, civil engineering works and structures

Construction projects provide a lot of challenges for us as planners. A good planning itself is not sufficient for a successful implementation of a project. A high-performing execution of the construction works is as important.

In the framework of the construction supervision we ensure that everything that has been designed will also be implemented correctly. This can only be reached with on-site competence: directly on the construction site and on the clients‘ behalf, we take care of the compliance with design requirements, quality, cost and schedule goals.

Our site engineers consequently hold the reins for the Client with a high amount of reliability

We coordinate involved planners and institutions as well as the employment of different disciplines. We are in charge of all aspects relevant to construction issues – leading from construction consultation to the defect-free approval of individual services. For us it is of utmost importance to react fast whenever issues occur. Hence, we clarify detailed questions directly on-site and implement quality systematically. Only in that way projects will turn into a success.


iproplan® scope of services relevant to construction supervision / site management:

  • Construction supervision
  • Site management
  • Coordination
  • Site coordination
  • Schedule and cost management
  • Claim management
  • Acceptances and approvals
  • Defects liability
  • As-built documentation

Health and Safety measures on construction sites



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