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Construction in harmony with the nature

Planning and implementing construction projects always means changing the environment. In order to protect nature and environment, but at the same time allowing the use of land, we have to approach the natural environment sensitively. Taking into account the applicable laws for the protection of nature and environment, we ensure that the economic development and exploitation of areas and surfaces is conducted environmentally friendly and acceptable within the framework of landscape architecture.

In order to combine natural, economic and functional requirements in a coherent solution, we examine the impact on the environment that is related to every construction project. During this process, we coordinate closely with all partners involved in the planning process and try to achieve an agreement in case of divergent opinions. With iproplan® as a partner, you can be sure that all ecological planning requirements will be met.

iproplan® services in the area of Landscape Architecture / Environmental Engineering:

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Landscape conservation plan
  • Urban green space design
  • FFH impact assessment (flora, fauna, habitat)
  • Expert reports on species protection
  • Detailed design relevant to landscape architecture
  • Ecological monitoring of construction works


Our scope of services

  • Coordination with authorities
  • Registration and analysis of ecological assets
  • Public stakeholder management
  • Reports on environmental impacts and compensation measures
  • Developing concepts of measures


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