Developing the best conditions

For sustainable buildings with high comfort and low energy demand


More than ever before, buildings nowadays have to fulfil a variety of requirements: they shall constitute a healthy living and working space by offering visual, thermal and acoustic comfort and coziness; they shall have the lowest energy consumption possible and should be efficiently operable. Building engineering physics will therefore become more and more important in the design process- and individual.

iproplan® does not work with prefabricated standardized solutions.


Our specialized engineers consider every building in connection with all of its influencing factors: heat, humidity, sound, ventilation. Whether it is inside or outside. And always in accordance with the respective concept of usage.


In terms of building engineering physics we offer comprehensive planning services in the fields of heat protection, moisture protection, building acoustics and room acoustics, we prepare expert reports and carry out relevant measurements and simulations. Furthermore, the competent staff of our building engineering physics department is involved in every planning process at iproplan®. This is how we achieve the optimum comfort of use together with the required energy efficiency and we ensure at the same time that damage to the building cannot even occur. Together we create better buildings.

iproplan®-services in the field of building engineering physics:

Planning services, expert reports and special services on heat protection:

  • Auditable heat protection certificate, EnEV certificate (German Energy Saving Ordinance), GEG certificate (German regulation on energy for buildings)
  • Building climate control
  • Passive house calculations
  • Moisture protection
  • Thermal bridge simulations (2D, 3D)
  • Hygrothermical construction component simulations and room simulations
  • Thermal building simulations (comfort, coziness, summer heat protection)
  • Flow simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamic, CFD)
  • Daylight simulations

Noise immission control / building acoustics / Room acoustics:

Wood preservation:

  • Preparation of wood preservation reports
  • Analysis of building condition on wooden structures
  • Evaluation and assessment of biotic and abiotic wood damages
  • Drilling resistance measurement, microscopy, hygrothermic simulations
  • Wood structure reconstruction design (according to DIN 68800 and WTA, Scientific-technical association for the restoration and preservation of buildings)
  • Planning of constructive and chemical wood preservation measures (for new and existing buildings)

Special services:


  • Architectural acoustics regarding airborne sound insulation, impact sound insulation, noise and sound level measurements, installation sounds
  • Room acoustics
  • Vibration measurements
  • Airtightness measurements / Blower Door Test (buildings of all sizes)
  • Infrared thermography
  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity
  • Heat flow measurement / U-value-measurement (heat transition coefficient U)
  • Determination of the capillary water absorption by the Karsten’schen test tubes


Dr. Saad Baradiy


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