Building on safe grounds

Geotechnical engineering competence for planning and design, construction, refurbishment, deconstruction and demolition

It is the foundation of every construction project to properly assess the mutual influences of the building and the subsoil as well as the associated risks. Reliable statements about the load bearing capacity of the ground and optimal foundation recommendations are only possible with precise knowledge about the local soil’s characteristics and the groundwater conditions. A survey concept also includes environmental analyses for the assessment of the occurring excavations relevant to waste disposal regulations. Our experience shows: each location has its own regulations and requires individual solutions.

The engineers at iproplan® develop innovative, resilient concepts that truly make buildings safe.

When it comes to demolition and remediation measures, the professional handling of pollutants plays a particularly important role. Samples of the construction substances and the assessment of building contaminants allow reliable conclusions about which construction components contain pollutants and how to handle them. This particularly applies to commercial or industrial premises. Further utilisation or disposal? – The systematic waste assessment of the materials to be removed not only enables a controlled demolition, but also increases the probability rate at which the dismantled materials will be recycled. This is how expensive amendments and delays are being avoided effectively. Starting on the ground.

iproplan® services in the area of Geotechnical Engineering / Waste / Site remediation / Deconstruction / Hydrology at a glance:

Geotechnical Engineering:

  • Preparation of geotechnical reports / soil analyses
  • Preparation of soil investigation concepts
  • Consulting on foundation types
  • Geotechnical measurements (subsidence, settlements, earth pressure)
  • Concept for and dimensioning of excavation pits
  • Concept for and dimensioning of slope protection systems
  • Steadiness of slopes


  • Hydrological assessments
  • Land recycling
  • Monetary evaluation of remediation works and related sites
  • Soil air prognoses
  • Inspection of remediation works
  • Risk assessments
  • Deconstruction of buildings and plants
  • Disposal and recycling concepts
  • Occupational Safety Concepts
  • Environmental audit
  • Environmental management


  • Groundwater development and management
  • Hydrogeological surveys, reports and calculations
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Well construction and rehabilitation
  • Pump testing, aquifer testing
  • Groundwater monitoring, protection of potable water
  • Rainwater management and seepage
  • Drainage of excavation pits and construction sites


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