Implementing the highest technical standards

Structural engineering and architectural design for high-functional civil engineering structures

While the façade dominates a building’s exterior image, the structural elements are often the focal point for civil engineering structures as bridges, noise protection facilities or retaining structures. Additionally, the function of the building structure is clearly the main focus. We find optimal solutions in terms of costs and benefits that convince with their technical quality, with their traffic engineering details and with their design itself. On schedule, efficiently and attractive.


The interaction of architects and engineers, experts and expert witnesses in our company is our biggest strength. Only in that way projects and project staff can be managed and supported comprehensively.

With the maximum of technical knowledge iproplan® is well-versed in the entire portfolio of civil engineering structures, starting with small-scale retaining structures up to large-scale bridges. We ensure that civil engineering structures are embedded in their surrounding landscape – sustainably, durably and future-oriented.

iproplan® services in the area of civil engineering structures at a glance:


  • Supporting structures for
    • Bridges over roads and highways
    • Pedestrian bridges / Cyclist bridges
    • Railway bridges
    • Bridges for supply lines and ducts
  • Supporting structures made of
    • Reinforced concrete
    • Steel / Composite steel construction
    • Prestressed concrete
    • Timber / Glued laminated timber
    • Natural stone masonry

Other civil engineering structures:

  • Retaining structures
  • Reinforced earth
  • Gabions
  • Noise protection walls
  • Culverts
  • Rainwater retention basins

With special know-how:

  • Competent structural engineers
  • Assessment of bridges, retaining walls and noise protection walls
  • Internationally specialised welding engineers
  • Experts for damages in engineering structures
  • Concrete repair – Protection, refurbishment, connection and reinforcement of concrete construction components
  • Concepts for maintenance and rehabilitation works
  • Concepts for corrosion protection


Holger Scholz


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