Intelligently connected supply networks for smart buildings

Whether it is a school, an industrial plant, a hospital, a residential building or a municipal swimming pool: it crucially depends on Building Services Engineering to make the most of a building. With sophisticated technical solutions we ensure more comfort in life. We design automated, reliable, secure and accurate buildings that meet the interests of their users and residents in all respects. Comfortable living spaces, individual working environments, unique oases of well-being. A smart partner that helps to reduce energy demand at the same time.

We develop integrated supply systems of highest technical quality for all types of buildings - always with an expert's eye on economic efficiency and energy efficiency. At iproplan®, more than 40 engineers, technicians and draftsmen are dedicated solely to Building Services Engineering in all aspects, reaching from water supply, wastewater, heating, ventilation, cooling and air-conditioning to all the questions related to electrical engineering and building automation. Our powerful, broadly specialized team finds tailor-made solutions for every technical requirement.

iproplan® services in the field of Building Services Engineering (MEP) at one glance:

  • Sewerage, water and gas systems
  • Heat supply systems
  • Air treatment systems, air conditioning systems, refrigeration
  • Power installations
  • Telecommunications and other communications systems
  • Transport systems (lifts and conveying plants)
  • Building automation
  • Kitchen fitments
  • Laundry and dry cleaning equipment
  • Media supply systems (e.g. medical gases)
  • Firefighting installations
  • Swimming baths equipment
  • Process engineering plants

With special know-how in the fields of:

  • Application of alternative and regenerative energy
  • Low-energy and passive houses
  • Energy optimization
  • Lighting technology and design
  • MEP supply related to hard and soft landscaping measures

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