Finding constructive solutions

Stable and sustainable ideas for structural construction, industrial construction, plant engineering and civil engineering structures

A consultant engineering company does not only live on its architectural visions. It also needs engineers being well-versed in pure calculations in order to design functional structural concepts and to provide design ideas with the necessary stability. Our structural designs take every criterion into account, whether it is the aesthetic, static or economic aspect – even when solutions are required that go beyond the standards.

Reinforced concrete, steel, wood, masonry

We are experts for the most diverse construction materials and are comfortable with any project. During the planning process our experience and know-how is complemented with the most advanced 3D and computing technology. Being an indispensable partner for the architects, the structural engineering department is involved in every project from the very beginning: reaching from consultations in static issues, proceeding with the definition of constructive details and ending with the design of detailed drawings.


iproplan® services in the area of structural engineering at a glance:


Building construction / structural engineering:

  • Supporting structures for
    • Universities / Schools / Kindergartens / Educational centres
    • Residential buildings
    • Office and administration buildings
    • Warehouses
  • Supporting structures made of
    • o   Reinforced concrete
    • Prefabricated components (finished and semi-finished)
    • Masonry / Natural stone masonry
    • Timber / Glued laminated timber
    • Prestressed concrete
    • Steel / Composite steel construction

Plant construction and industrial facilities / plants:

  • Industrial buildings made of
    • Reinforced concrete
    • Steel
    • Prefabricated components (finished and semi-finished)
  • Steel structures for
    • Pipe bridges
    • Technical facilities and industrial columns
    • Operating platforms, walkways and gratings, steel railings
    • Supporting structures
    • Façades and roof structures
  • Constructions made of reinforced concrete for
    • Gas collection and compressor stations
    • Foundation for supporting structures and industrial columns
    • Foundations subject to dynamic loads

With special know-how:

  • Competent structural engineers
  • Internationally specialised welding engineers
  •  Experts for damages in engineering structures
  • Concrete repair – Protection, refurbishment, connection and reinforcement of concrete construction components
  • Component design related to prefabricated construction components
  • Construction within existing buildings and structures / Strengthening of supporting structures
  • Construction application process
  • Earthquake engineering



Holger Scholz

Holger Scholz