“11th International Conference on NANO-TECHNOLOGY IN CONSTRUCTION"

29 April 2019

Between March 22nd and 26th, the “11th International Conference on NANO-TECHNOLOGY IN CONSTRUCTION" took place in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) which was sponsored by iproplan® and where the company also held a presentation.

Since 2004 iproplan® maintains business relations with the HBRC (Housing and Building National Research Center), which is under direct responsibility of the Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Development.

Among other things, iproplan®’s Building Engineering Physics department was intensively involved in the development of an assessment system for sustainable hotel construction (“green pyramid”) between 2011 and 2014. The GIZ GmbH (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit / German Society for International Cooperation) was the Client.

Since 2009, the HBRC organizes an international conference in the field of nanotechnology. This conference is supposed to be extended to the areas of building engineering physics and green building from 2019 on. Thanks to the extensive experience in the areas of building engineering physics and sustainability (both on the domestic market and abroad), HBRC approached iproplan® for support.

Mr. Baradiy, Ph.D., was one of the keynote speakers from Germany, Egypt, Russia and Lithuania. Besides his membership and his work in the “International Scientific Committee”, in which he evaluated parts of the submitted scientific articles and conducted a preselection prior to the conference, he explained in his presentation with the name “Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energies in the field of tension between prosperity, environmental protection, resource conservation and economical aspects“ the state of the art in the field of energy efficiency and green building in theory as well as in practice.