Company run in Chemnitz 2019

05 September 2019

Also in this year we participated successfully in the company run in Chemnitz.

16 fully motivated employees prepared their running shoes for iproplan® and mingled with the crowd.

At around 5 p.m. and under best weather conditions, our sportsmen and women gathered at “Hartmannplatz”. Shortly after 6 p.m. the run started off for the first block of participants which also included the team of iproplan®. It took 15 minutes for all runners to cross the starting line prior to making their 5 km trip through the inner city of Chemnitz around the city pond “Schloßteich”. This year’s company run was the biggest of its kind in Chemnitz with over 10,000 participants. Even more we are happy about the good results of our colleagues.

We thank all our runners and are already looking forward to the company run 2020

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