Solemn inauguration ceremony of the new Secondary School in Wilsdruff

14 October 2020

The new secondary school in Wilsdruff was solemnly inaugurated on 10th October. The date had not been chosen randomly. On the exact same day 110 years ago, the school “Am Gezinge” was opened. At that time, this meant an important milestone for such a small town like Wilsdruff. Now – many years later – the construction of the new secondary school symbolises another significant milestone which will sustainably shape and change the city.

Three years have passed after the first symbolic ground-breaking on 15th September 2017. The project occupied many of our employees from the first idea to its realisation. They worked with a lot of zeal and a huge amount of passion until the project’s finalisation. That is the reason why it is even more fantastic that this big project has come to a successful ending.

A big thank you and congratulations to all participants.