The hospital for occupational diseases „BG Klinik für Berufskrankheiten“ in Bad Reichenhall inaugurated its newly constructed extension

29 May 2018

Last Friday the hospital for occupational diseases of the BG Klinik für Berufskrankheiten gGmbH celebrated the inauguration of its newly constructed extension with a ceremonial act in the street “Münchner Allee” in Bad Reichenhall. The new building that cost about € 20 million will serve the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases, skin diseases as well as posttraumatic diseases.

iproplan® Planungsgesellschaft mbH started its project work in May 2015. At first with the preparation of specifications during the tender phase and the tender award phase, and since February 2016 with all tasks related to site supervision.

Since the end of May, the hospital situated in the county „Berchtesgardener Land” disposes of another 51 patient rooms of which eight are designed to fit the needs of disabled people. Also, a patient’s restaurant with adjacent outdoor area has been newly designed. The new construction is linked to the existing building via a sky bridge on the second floor level. The already existing connection in the basement was integrated both in design and construction and henceforth serves as additional connection between the two buildings. The highly functional and modernly equipped therapy rooms provide the nurses with best conditions for the treatment of their patients. At the same time, the patients will benefit from a cozy and professional atmosphere to recover as fast as possible.


iproplan® Planungsgesellschaft mbH wishes fast recovery to all current and future patients that will have the possibility to recover from their diseases in this extraordinary alpine landscape in Bad Reichenhall.

After two years, a great project now comes to an end. iproplan® wants to take the opportunity to thank all companies and institutions that participated in design, planning and construction for the good cooperation.