From the former streetcar depot to the European Cultural Campus

06 May 2024

... and a sustainable meeting and event venue.

Together with seven other companies, we officially signed our sponsorship agreement yesterday to support the restoration of our city's historic streetcar depot - an important project as part of the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 and beyond.

A central cultural location is to be developed on the former site of the streetcar depot, providing opportunities for encounters, creative design and learning. The importance for the city of Chemnitz and the immediate surroundings was emphasized by CVAG board member Jens Meiwald and our mayor for construction, Michael Stötzer, in their statements.

In a joint initiative with iproplan®, Sparkasse Chemnitz, RAILBETON HAAS GmbH, HÖRMANN Group, Volkswagen Automobile Chemnitz, Digital Color Service GmbH, CIC Chemnitzer Ingenieurbau Consult GmbH, RAC - Rohrleitungsbau Altchemnitz GmbH, CVAG is realizing the Garage Campus as an important key project of the European Capital of Culture 2025, which will also have an impact far beyond this event.

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