XIIIth Charity volleyball tournament of the LIONS Club Chemnitz-Agricola

09 May 2019

The LIONS Club Chemnitz-Agricola is proudly looking back on all companies having shown their commitment in and for the region during the last 13 years. Also this year 10 teams based in companies of the Chemnitz region fought for the challenge cup of the LIONS Club in a volleyball tournament. All entry fees will be used for charitable purposes.

This year‘s beneficiaries  include the “Elternverein Chemnitzer Frühstarter e.V.”, “Elternverein krebskranker Kinder e.V.”, “Kraftwerk e.V”. and the “Kinder- und Jugendheim Burgstädt”.

iproplan® would like to thank all our employees who took part in the tournament. At the end of the day, our team secured the 9th place whereas KOMSA AG were the winners of the tournament.

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