Visual highlight at the entrance to Plauen town hall completed

03 June 2024

Following the complete refurbishment of the town hall with new radial interiors, the 50-metre-long mural by artists Karl-Heinz Adler and Friedrich Kracht has now also been restored as part of the general refurbishment of the north-west wing with the redesign of the main entrance to the town hall. The main entrance with the Adler-Kracht foyer and the monument to the Peaceful Revolution designed by our architect Detlef were officially inaugurated.

After 5 years of construction and an investment of 13.6 million euros, the main entrance was reopened yesterday. The fact that one of the triggering moments of this tense turnaround was the large-scale demonstration in Plauen is worthily expressed with the crowning photo glass pane at the historic site of the event with all its inherent explosiveness.

Congratulations once again to the entire team for this truly impressive and valuable project!

Source: Image 5: Right side after removal of the sandstone slabs and grouting mortar (November 2020) © Dipl. Rest. (FH) Martin Fliedner, Image 6: Right side, condition after completion of the restoration, 23.05.2024 © Thomas Wolf, Image 8: Exterior view of Plauen New Town Hall with a view into the foyer, condition after completion of the restoration, 23.05.2024 © Thomas Wolf