Beneath Leipzig's surface: subsoil analysis for Prager Strasse project

13 November 2023

On behalf of Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe, we are preparing a comprehensive subsoil expertise for the Prager Straße complex project from An der Tabaksmühle to Friedhofsgärtnerei. Here, LVB is planning to widen the cycle path and widen the track area for the wider tram carriages in collaboration with the City of Leipzig and Leipziger Wasserwerke.

Our new mini pile-driving and drilling rig was also used to carry out the indispensable core drillings for analysing the subsoil conditions in the road area as well as in the cycle and footpath areas. We are thus making an important contribution to improving the transport infrastructure in Leipzig and to sustainably promoting the mobility of its residents.

iproplan® service:
Subsoil investigations, geotechnical report